Anthony Copeland


Medicine - University of Western Australia


Anthony Copeland (born in 1994, from Western Australia) was awarded the John Goldbaum Scholarship for 2020. Anthony completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne and an Honours year at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute before undertaking a Doctor of Medicine (Masters) at the University of Western Australia. Anthony will enter his third year of university in 2020.

In terms of community engagement Anthony is the incoming National Coordinator of the Australian Medical Students’ Association’s Queer Project, which promotes Queer health education across Australia’s medical schools and is the peak advocating body for the interests of Queer identifying medical students. Anthony is also starting a Queer Representative position within his local Medical Student Society.

Anthony aspires to “be a doctor who is able to develop a deep understanding of everyone’s individual circumstances. Our current literature shows that there are a lot of barriers to Queer identifying people seeking medical help. Once I am a doctor, I would like to do what I can to make it as safe and simple as possible for everyone to get the medical attention they need. I find that current medical teaching does not adequately cover Queer health, so one of my career goals will be looking at how we could integrate Queer health education at the medical school level as I believe that this will help in reducing the number of health inequalities faced by Queer identifying people.”