Becoming a Pinnacle mentor

Lorraine Hall

I can honestly say that mentoring is one of the most rewarding relationships that you can ever embark on .. A good mentor should enter a mentoring relationship with the perspective that you are there to support, assist, advise and encourage your scholar .. it is also important to be clear on where your role starts and ends ..

Pinnacle Mentor

Lorraine Hall

Pinnacle scholars are carefully matched with mentors who will typically share the same academic and professional interests, gender identity and sexual orientation. Ideally, a mentor will be located in the same location as a scholar. They appreciate scholar’s path – and provide the encouragement, counsel and inspiration to support the scholar’s rounded development and successful completion of their studies.

The search for and selection of appropriate mentors is critically important and we welcome registrations of interest. As specific requirements of each mentor and scholar match are important, registration will not guarantee you will be contacted in any particular year.

mentor and mentee
mentor and mentee

Once registered, if a scholar match is identified we will contact you to reconfirm your interest. A series of reference and probity (for example, police checks) may then be conducted. You will be required to sign a volunteer agreement and adhere to The Pinnacle Foundation Code of Conduct.

Mentoring guidelines are provided to mentors and scholars and a briefing session is conducted once a mentor and scholar match is confirmed. An opportunity exists for the mentor and scholar to meet to assess whether a positive relationship is likely. We will not proceed with a mentor and scholar relationship if it is not beneficial to the scholar. We continue to informally monitor the mentor and scholar relationship as well as conducting bi-annual reviews.

The following mentor checklist may assist in determining your suitability as a mentor prior to registering your interest.

I see myself as being people oriented

I am a good listener and respect my colleagues and peers

I am sensitive to the needs and feelings of others

I recognise when others need support or independence

I want to contribute to the academic development of others

I am able to support and help without smothering, parenting, or taking charge

I am able to explain things at various levels of complexity and detail

I find it easy to separate professional and personal relationships

I am able to explain things at various levels of complexity and detail

mentor and mentee
mentor and mentee

I am familiar with anti-discrimination laws and have no issue with what they are aiming to achieve

I have no past incidents or associations with other persons or organisations which may bring The Pinnacle Foundation and its aims into disrepute

I am prepared to sign a volunteer agreement, comply with The Pinnacle Foundation Code of Conduct and operate within The Pinnacle Foundation’s mentor/mentee protocols

I can clearly articulate the value, expertise and distinct benefit I can bring to the role of mentor

I can provide independent referees

I am comfortable with The Pinnacle Foundation conducting referencing and an independent probity (including police) check.