Our Impact

The Pinnacle Foundation enables young LGBTQIA+ Australians to realise their full potential, become self-reliant, maintain their dignity and give back themselves. The lasting social and economic benefits for the individual, the LGBTQIA+ community, and wider society are great.

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In June 2017, the Mitchell Institute released a study, Counting the Costs of Lost Opportunity in Australian Education, which found:

Education opens doors where opportunity and success are determined and is a key predictor of a person’s level of engagement in lifelong work and study. Individuals with higher levels of education have higher‐paying jobs, better general health, and a lower likelihood of engaging in crime. They also gain from a range of family household benefits, such as more effective household management and care of their children’s health and education.

To the taxpayer, each disengaged young person imposes a cost which is equivalent to $411,700 as a current lump sum across their adult years… In terms of social costs, or costs to the broader community, each disengaged young person imposes a lifetime burden which is equivalent to $1,103,700 as a current lump sum.


of Pinnacle Foundation scholars successfully complete their studies


of Pinnacle Foundation scholars and alumni believe a Pinnacle Foundation scholarship supports wellbeing


of Pinnacle Foundation scholars and alumni value their mentor relationship


of Pinnacle Foundation alumni value the support of the wider Pinnacle family (sense of community)

Pinnacle Patrons distil the impact and value of the Pinnace program:

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The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG:

There are lots of scholarships and most of them are wonderful investments in the future of admirable young people. But the Pinnacle scholarships are special. They lift-up young people who are not only talented but have often faced dire problems with their families, beliefs and communities. Helping young people to restore confidence in themselves and a trust in the goodness of society that once seemed hostile is something very precious.

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