Sarah Sanford


Immunology - University of Melbourne


For 2020 The Alan Joyce AC & Shane Lloyd Scholarship has been awarded to Sarah (born in 1995). Originally from New Zealand and now a permanent resident of Australia, Sarah is undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy in Immunology at University of Melbourne and will commence her third year in 2020.

Sarah has clearly defined her career ambitions and is well advanced in achieving them: “Some of the largest global health issues have been treated and, in some cases, eradicated through drugs, vaccination, or immunotherapy. It is my ultimate goal to contribute knowledge and understanding that could in the future save lives.

In terms of community engagement Sarah prides herself for setting a good example to others, “It is a priority of mine to be a positive role model in my professional career as an academic. I strive to create an inclusive environment for students and fellow emerging researchers who may not have the confidence or comfort in expressing who they are. Therefore, every day at university I wear a rainbow lanyard to actively and openly show my support for queer visibility, and I hope that it helps foster an inclusive and supportive environment for the undergraduate students that I teach.

Sarah is also an active member of the university’s Queer Collective and Melbourne’s Pride in Action Network, an initiative designed to bring together LGBTIQ+ identifying staff and students, their allies and supporters, creating opportunities to share information and foster an inclusive, supportive workplace and learning environment.