Sujin Jang


Medicine - University of New South Wales


In 2020, Sujin Jang (born in 1998, female) has been awarded The Peter Brennan AM and Michael Lynch Scholarship.  Sujin is beginning her fourth year in medicine at the University of New South Wales.

Sujin is dedicated to following a career path that will allow her to contribute positively to the status of the LGBTIQ+ community. She states: “I am passionate about LGBTIQ+ health, and as such, for my future career, I hope to start a medical practice that can cater culturally appropriately for LGBTIQ+ individuals. In particular, I have an interest in youth mental health, and as a result, I aspire to be involved in the improvement of mental health outcomes for LGBTIQ+ youth. I also wish to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of LGBTIQ+ culture to other medical students and medical practitioners such that they can create more LGBTIQ+-friendly practices as well.”

In terms of her academic achievements, Sujin has worked hard in the first three years of her medical degree and this has resulted in her achieving a Weighting Average Mark (WAM) sufficient for admission to Honours in 2020.  A limited number (3) of her year are able to enter an Honours program and this is an outstanding achievement and a testament to the work she has put in both on campus and as part of clinical attachments in my School.

In terms of her community engagement Sujin has been an active member of the LGBTIQ+ community.  One of her main leadership roles has been as the Queer Officer for the University of New South Wales Medical Society.