Jim Sait

Dr. Jim Sait (he/him)

Volunteer Foundation Advisor

Dr Jim Sait worked in the higher education sector for 35 years. He has taught at universities in the UK, Canada and Australia before crossing to the ‘dark side’ in university administration at the University of Sydney where he ran the International Office. In 2005 he moved into executive search where he used his HR skills and experience assisting Australian and New Zealand universities and health care providers to recruit the best professionals from all over the world.

Jim is passionate about the transformative power of education to improve both individual lives and the life and culture of the nation. He has been an active member of the LGBTIQ+ community since the early 70’s, and in the early 80’s set up an AIDS patient assistance program in regional NSW. He has been member of the Pinnacle Foundation family since 2011.

Jim has a PhD from UCL, and an MA and a BA (Hons) from UBC. He also has a DipEd from UNE.