Suzanne Jones

Suzanne Jones (she/her)

Non-Executive Director

A dynamic and commercial executive in the world of theatre and live events, Suzanne Jones has been actively involved in the theatre industry for more than two decades. As CEO and Producer of the Jones Theatrical Group, and Executive Producer with Crossroads Live, Suzanne is committed to attracting and creating productions for Australia and contributing to positive social and economic impact through her national and international partners and her extensive production eco-system.

After studying Commerce and then transferring to complete a degree in Music, Suzanne started her career as a sound engineer at The Arts Centre Melbourne and then went on to mix musicals and films, providing great insight into the coalescing effect of live events on diverse communities and the opportunities for dynamic and rewarding career pathways aside from the norm.

Suzanne has leveraged her deep relationships with the world’s foremost creators of live entertainment, and a global network of local promoting partners to deliver some of our most favourite and iconic music theatre productions and live events in Australia and internationally.

Through her company she provides many opportunities to engage and showcase our exceptional and diverse Australian theatrical talent pool across performance, design, technical and commercial areas. She is currently an Associate Producer of Dr Who: Time Fracture in London and is the Producer/Executive Producer of the upcoming show, 9 to 5 The Musical.

Suzanne is very excited to be able to contribute to her community in a way that enables young LGBTIQ+ Australians to have access to a range of opportunities that, right now, may seem out of reach.

Suzanne is a Non-Executive Director on the board of Erth Visual and Physical Inc and lives in Sydney with her wife Leone, and two dogs, Boots and Daisy.