Julian De Bortoli

Julian De Bortoli

Chief Marketing Officer

After completing an MBA at an young age, Julian was inspired to bring a highly strategic approach to retail marketing and gained a lot of experience from marketing professionals and mentors within the industry.

He has over 20 years of experience in senior marketing roles across global brands such as McDonald’s and Europcar and has won several marketing, strategy and communication awards within Australia and overseas.

Julian headed up marketing for Specsavers when they launched into the Australian and New Zealand market. Specsavers became market leader in four years. Julian was then invited to head up marketing in Europe, looking after Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Netherlands. Julian also led the eCommerce team during his final year in Europe.

Julian met his partner, Tod, overseas. They moved to Australia and reside together in Melbourne.

‘I am firm believer that our best work takes place outside our comfort zone, both personally and professionally.”