Brock Manson




I have been passionate about the power of the law since high school. When a barrister stands in a court room and argues before a judge, each word that is uttered has the capacity to transform the law.

With its universal prevalence that reaches every aspect of our lives, positive changes in the law can empower, equalise and resolve. Whether I am eventually advocating on behalf of a vulnerable client as a lawyer or writing policy as a government bureaucrat – I want to use the law to make a positive impact and ensure that all of us live in an inclusive and just society.

While financial assistance from Pinnacle will alleviate a lot of the burden of full-time study, much of the value comes from the amazing community I have been welcomed into. It’s been incredibly inspiring to be surrounded by other LGBTI individuals who have overcome the challenges we face and lead fulfilling lives where they continually work to make a positive impact.

Meeting the Honourable Michael Kirby was a definite highlight in my Pinnacle journey, where he affirmed my love for the law and how it can be used to stand up for what’s right.