Harrison Comino




Receiving a scholarship from the Pinnacle Foundation meant a great deal to me, a lot more than just receiving financial aid.  It meant an amazing education, a lifestyle that I want and the realisation of my dream profession.  It meant that I can be the person I need to, and it meant that I can make a difference. I’d like to think I’d be able to accomplish all of those things regardless of the Pinnacle Foundation’s involvement, simply because I have faith in myself.  But at times when that faith weathers, and money could have been tough, or I could have been feeling all alone, it’s reassuring to know that those things will never be an issue. Because receiving the Pinnacle Foundation scholarship meant that I have a mentor who is dedicated to giving me support and it meant that a whole organisation has faith in me, so much so that they’re willing to put their money behind me. And that is why this scholarship is priceless to me.