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I feel truly blessed to have been allowed the opportunity for a better standard of living with the help of the Pinnacle Foundation.

I was at first hesitant at sharing my story and enlisting the help of the Pinnacle Foundation. I tried to talk myself out of applying, that I could get through it on my own like I always have… But I did something different. I took a risk. And it paid off in a big way. I cannot explain what it means to me that people believe in my future and have judged me worthy of this fantastic opportunity. With the help of Pinnacle, I’ll be able to afford my textbooks and new equipment to further my studies and achieve the best out of my university career. I’ll also be able to abolish some of the barriers that I have lived with for a majority of my life and be able to realise my true potential. I wish to establish a career in my chosen discipline, before going on to inspire other Muslim LGBT+ youths to be more open and honest about their sexuality, at least to themselves, and not allow it to limit their life. I want to devote my life to making sure that no one goes through what I went through because of my sexuality, both as a young child and a young adult.

It’s not wrong to be who you are and to love who you love, no matter what anyone tells you.