William - Headshot

William (he/him)

Bachelor of Arts (Extended) Majoring in Gender Studies & Japanese


My name is William, I am studying Gender Studies and Japanese through the Bachelor of Arts Extended Program at The University of Melbourne. In 2024 I will be entering my fourth out of five years of study. I study at the Parkville campus in Melbourne. I am Australian and of mixed Thai and Aboriginal ancestry. My two proudest moments so far have been being accepted into The University of Melbourne in 2021 and The University of Tokyo in 2022.

I applied for The Pinnacle Foundation scholarship because throughout my degree so far, I have experienced the help from scholarships before and they provide a much needed financial back up which I don’t have without scholarships, and they also provide me with networking opportunities.

My life aspiration at this point is to simply study and eventually work in a field that makes me happy, regardless of money. It is also my goal to help others from disadvantaged communities, such as Aboriginal Australians and LGBTQIA+ people, in achieving their higher education goals just as others have helped me.