Tyson Crilly




My name is Tyson Crilly, and I have just been accepted as the St. George Foundation Scholarship recipient for 2021 following my recent graduation from high school. I will begin a Bachelor of Science/Arts commencing early 2021 at the University of Queensland, based at their St Lucia campus. I am a trans, bi man who has only recently been able to start my transition. My largest current goal is to achieve financial independence, but a long-term aspiration of mine is to take the GAMSAT and work with LGBTIQ+ patients as a doctor- I’m eager to ‘give back’ and provide the best possible experience for trans patients in particular.  

I aim to not only explore the fields of science and medicine and contribute to diversity in this field, but also give back to the LGBTIQ+ community. I would like to achieve this by working towards a medical position that provides LGBTIQ+ (and specifically trans) inclusive healthcare. In line with this, if possible, I am interested in pursuing medicine, and later endocrinology; however, I strongly believe in supporting and giving back to the community regardless of profession. I also have a strong passion to contribute towards the accessibility of basic medical services to young LGBTIQ+ people, who, like me, due to multiple barriers and challenges, are not able to access adequate healthcare, and would benefit from practices such as bulk-billing or communication between clinics and LGBTIQ+ support organisations.