Scott Aldred


Podiatric Medicine


I am incredibly grateful and honoured to be a recipient of a Pinnacle Foundation Scholarship. It is amazing to know that there are institutions like the Pinnacle Foundation who are willing and able to provide financial and mental support to myself and other LGBT+ youth, as the obstacles we can face can prevent us from becoming our best. The financial support alone will help lift an immense burden this year as I undertake four months of external placements. This scholarship will enable me to dedicate more time and energy towards focusing on my clinical experience which will allow myself to develop into a more prepared and confident health professional.
There is no doubt that this year will be stressful at times as I come closer to completing my degree, but to know that I have the support from my partner, the Pinnacle Foundation and have the guidance and advice of a Mentor who is a professional in Podiatry will help keep me on track towards success.