Sam - Headshot

Samuel (he/him)

Bachelor of Science


My name is Samuel. I am 18, and I will be studying a Bachelor of Science at the Sandy Bay UTAS campus, majoring in earth science and ecology. I will commence in 2024 and finish at the end of 2026. I have three younger siblings and a mum. For the last two years, I have been relocating from my home in Oatlands to study in Hobart at Elizabeth College. This was a massive journey that required lots of independence, and I am incredibly proud of my academic achievements in years 11 and 12. I have been featured in the Examiner newspaper for artwork, won a citizenship award, and excelled in my learning.

I applied for The Pinnacle Foundation scholarship because I saw what a great opportunity it was. Not only am I in vital need of the financial component, but I also have struggled with my identity as a trans man going into the STEM field, and having a mentor who is like me and has been through similar experiences will benefit me greatly. This scholarship will give me that extra help and allow me to be the queer geologist I didn’t get to see growing up.