Rory (they/them)

B Laws (Hons) / B Archaelogical Practice


Hi, my name is Rory, and I will be going into my second year of a double degree in Law and Archaeological Practice at the Australian National University (ANU). ANU has an excellent archaeological department, and the course will give me experience in useful practical skills. ANU also gives me the options to do a flexible double degree which I am really enjoying as I can combine two of my interests and keep my future options open. If I decide to pursue archaeology, I would like to initially work in the field focussing on the excavation and conservation of sites and artefacts. Later, I would then like to focus on fighting for the protection of important historical and cultural sites. If I pursue law, I would like to specialise in domestic violence law and work towards making the legal system more accessible for everyone. This is something I am very passionate about and I would like to be able to make a difference.

I am extremely grateful and excited to have been chosen for this scholarship. The generosity of the Snow Foundation is going to make such a positive difference in my life and really assist me in completing my studies. As a young trans man who has often felt alone and misunderstood, I am really looking forward to joining the Pinnacle Family and having a mentor.