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Milla (they/them)

Doctor of Medicine


Hi, my name is Milla, and I am the grateful recipient of the Shelley Argent OAM Scholarship! In 2024 I will commence my second year of medicine at Griffith University, Gold Coast campus, to be completed in 2026. I grew up on the Gold Coast before moving to Brisbane to complete my Biomed undergrad at UQ and am now back on the coast to finish up my schooling. My journey into medicine has certainly not been a linear one, and the years leading up to my acceptance were studded with challenges involving self-identity, study commitments, cocurricular activities, and work. Fortunately, living in Brisbane exposed me to countless invaluable people and experiences that allowed me to embrace myself not in spite of, but because of my queerness, and the unique strengths and outlooks this gave me. While I changed a lot throughout my journey, my passion for science and care for LGBTQIA+ representation in health didn’t waiver and pointed me towards a profession I now deeply love.

As part of the Pinnacle Foundation community, I’m thrilled to meet likeminded individuals who can help inform my journey towards being the best practitioner I can.