Melodie (she/her)

Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine


My name is Melodie. I am a third year student in the five year Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine program at the University of New England in Armidale.

I am a Queensland girl at heart, having grown up in the sugar cane town of Mackay, before completing my secondary education in Brisbane. After graduating school, I left home to move down to Canberra, where I pursued a Bachelor of International Security Studies at ANU.

Following completion of this degree, I worked as a technology consultant at a federal government department for some time. However, I soon realised that I wanted a career where I get to be on my feet more and use my problem-solving skills to make a real difference to peoples’ lives. Considering these factors, I landed on medicine as the right career for me.

Upon completion of my medical degree, I aspire to work in rural and other disadvantaged areas of the country to support our most vulnerable people in attaining the best level of health possible for them. This includes a particular interest in working with Queer communities in rural areas.

I am extremely grateful to have been chosen for this scholarship. I want to thank IVF Australia for their generosity and commitment to helping Queer students succeed.