Max (he/him)

Bachelor of Commerce and Advanced Studies - Majoring in Marketing and Politics and International Relations


My name is Max, a student at the University of Sydney, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce and Advanced Studies. Originating from a regional area, my journey as a gay man has been both challenging and empowering. My proudest achievements involve advocating for the LGBTQIA+ community. This advocacy has spanned various platforms, from participating in Youth Parliament to my role as a school captain, and notably, in establishing the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Portfolios at the university. These experiences have shaped my life’s aspirations, focusing on personal growth and making meaningful contributions to society.

My motivation to apply for this scholarship through The Pinnacle Foundation stemmed from a deep-seated desire to expand my advocacy efforts and academic pursuits. The foundation’s commitment to nurturing young LGBTQIA+ individuals align perfectly with my personal goals and values. Receiving this scholarship not only provides crucial financial support, enabling me to focus on my studies and advocacy without undue burden, but it also offers a sense of recognition and belonging within a community that celebrates diversity and inclusion.