Lois - Headshot

Lois (she/they)

Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine


Hi, I’m Lois. I’m a fourth-year medical student studying at Monash University. As a Nigerian raised in rural Australia, this mix of cultures and experiences has shaped my perspective on healthcare, ignited my commitment to addressing healthcare disparities and led to my dedication to be involved in health advocacy through the Victorian Medical Council and the Australian Medical Students’ Association and advocate for more inclusive and equitable practices. I’m deeply passionate about two critical areas in healthcare: pain management and sexual health. These fields, often overlooked, hold immense significance in overall well-being. I want to be a part of the solution and drive change in these areas. I aim to immerse myself in critical care and advocate for change, mainly focusing on applications of anaesthetics in the field of sexual and reproductive health. Beyond clinical practice, I aspire to become an educator, instilling the importance of diversity and inclusion in medical practice among future healthcare professionals.