Kaylan - Headshot

Kaylan (he/him)

Doctor of Medicine


Hi I’m Kaylan and I am a second-year medical student at The University of Melbourne. Starting next year, I will be commencing my third year of my four-year course. I have an undergraduate degree in medical biotechnology and I’m eager to complete my medical training in the coming years so that I can start using my skills and knowledge to make an impact and forge my own path as a working professional.

Learning medicine has been a rewarding experience already. I have been given many opportunities this year to assist in the care of some wonderful people in and around the hospital. My training has brought me to Ballarat where I have been allowed a more hands on experience with those seeking medical attention. This has been so amazing, and every day has come with a whole plethora of challenges and new opportunities to grow and develop me as a student and as a person.

I sought out the Pinnacle scholarship to join a new community and other voices who can help me advocate for a better future for our queer community. Together we have always been strong enough to make a change and forge new paths.