Judd (he/him)

Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (International Relations)


Hello, my name is Judd and I am a fourth year Law and International Relations student at Curtin University. I expect to graduate in 2024. 

During my studies I have endeavoured to gain experience in many different areas. I have volunteered and then worked at two different community legal centres and worked as an editor in a student run law journal. I have also volunteered in Curtin’s law society and the Jewish student union. As a Jewish and LGBTIQ+ identifying individual, l have witnessed how discrimination and prejudice may impact minority groups. As a legal practitioner I aspire to leave a positive footprint on the community. Although I am not certain of what area of law I would like to practice in, I desire to work in a law firm with strong and inclusive values. 

I am extremely grateful and honoured to receive an Olrem Scholarship, and to join the incredible and inspiring Pinnacle family.