Jordan - Headshot

Jordan (he/him)

Bachelor of Commerce (Supply Chain and Logistics)


In 2024 I will be studying a Bachelor of Commerce at Curtin University in Perth, and I intend to major in Supply Chains and Logistics! I have three years of fulltime study remaining, so I will graduate in 2027. I’ve lived all my life in Perth, and I love exploring the beautiful nature that is always close by. I also foster rescue cats, which is incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable. My proudest moment so far is overcoming my depression! Through hard work, medication, and lots of cat playtime (as well as significant support from chosen family), I am now much healthier and energetic.

As my parents are not supportive of my transgender identity, I applied for a Pinnacle scholarship to fill in the gap of life advice and financial safety net that they would have otherwise provided. I hope to use this opportunity to finish university, enter the workforce, and become a support to fellow LGBTQIA+ members of my workplace.