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Jaqhara (she/her)

Bachelor of Education (Secondary)


Hi, my name is Jaqhara (she/her). I will be studying a Bachelor of Education (secondary) at Griffith University. BA Education takes four years of study, including practical experiences and workshops. I begin my studies in 2024, and finish my degree in 2027. I began my life in Western Australia, and moved to Brisbane when I was five years old. Being educated in state schools for all my life gave me an appreciation for the effort that educators have in delivering the best quality education no matter the resources available.

I learned about The Pinnacle Foundation through my Mum and resonated with the message of providing visual representation of LGBTQIA+ people in the workforce and succeeding. I knew that this was an ethos I had to get behind.

I aspire to be a respected educator, assisting every generation after me in their education, and inspire them to follow their ambitions.