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Ian (he/him)

Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine


Hi, my name is Ian. I am a third year Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine student at the University of New South Wales based out of Wagga in a rural end-to-end program and am set to graduate in 2027. I grew up in Albury, a town on the border of NSW and Victoria, where I completed the entirety of my schooling.

Throughout my studies, I have been involved with medical societies in campus-based and state-wide capacities, with a focus on academics and advocacy. I am planning to pursue emergency medicine or rural generalism, with an addiction medicine focus, as I aspire to live and work rurally. Inspired by lived experience, I am cognisant of the need for sensitivity in caring for the diverse populations in rural Australia, noting the disparity of substance abuse across LGBTQIA+ and rural populations. Outside of clinical practice, I am interested in being involved in the medical education space, helping to advocate for culturally safe practice and principles when caring for marginalised groups.

I am beyond grateful to be awarded the IVF Australia Scholarship. Your generosity will go a long way in helping me reach my goals and I will strive to pay it forward.