Harry (he/him)

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Law


Hello, I am Harry, and I am beginning my fourth year of a Bachelor of Arts and Law at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in 2022. I am currently majoring in History with a minor in Politics and International Relations under my Arts degree. At UNSW Law Society, I am the current standing Queer Officer. The position has allowed me to unite our community by continuing projects and carving out new initiatives for the LGBTIQ+ student network. I am also a volunteer Outreach Co-ordinator at Out For Australia.

Originally from the Central Coast, I moved to Sydney during 2020 to feel more connected to both our community and my studies, especially after the pandemic. I struggled a lot coming to terms with my sexuality in this context but feel privileged to have been embraced by our community here in Sydney.

In the future, I am hoping to study or work in the fashion industry whereby I can integrate my law degree in a meaningful way. I am interested in fashion because we all wear clothes every day, yet we all dress completely differently. There is always thought behind what we wear, and it is expressive of who we are. From my perspective, fashion was a cocoon whereby I feel comfortable and could explore my sexuality on my own terms. I am interested in intellectually property in fashion and how the industry might claim ownership over their work.

I would like to express huge gratitude and thanks to both WPP and the selection committee at The Pinnacle Foundation. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity and cannot wait to see what is in store for the rest of my studies, and in my career, with the Pinnacle family.