Demetri - Headshot

Demetrius (he/him)

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science


Hi, my name is Demetri. I’m studying a Bachelor of Arts and Science at Flinders University in Bedford Park, focusing on ecology and archaeology. I originally come from rural Tasmania, and it is thanks to Tasmania’s wild, unpredictable natural environment that I developed a passion for Australian wildlife and history. Through understanding Australian ecology, both modern and historical, I hope to uncover what Australian land management has looked like through the ages, and what it might become in the future. I have a love and affinity for teaching. I mentored young people for three years at the Australian Air Force Cadets and continue to reach out to Australia’s youth through volunteer work. I dream of working in field archaeology or wildlife protection, determined to preserve the past and future of our country through the land and people. Eventually, I want to return to the classroom not as a student, but as a teacher and mentor for future environmental scientists and archaeologists.