Cherie - Headshot

Cherie (she/her)

Bachelor of Arts | Bachelor of Laws


Hi! My name is Cherie and I am so excited and honoured to be part of the Pinnacle family in 2024. I’m currently in my fourth year of study completing a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts majoring in International relations at The University of Sydney’s Camperdown campus. Once I have completed my undergraduate studies in 2025, I hope to go on and complete a Masters of Law.

I grew up in Hong Kong before moving to Sydney when I was 18. I am so lucky to have been exposed to so many cultures when I was growing up. My proudest moment was graduating high school, as I was severely struggling with Tourette’s and OCD at the time.

I hope to use my education and scholarship to work in a legal setting that advocates for diversity and inclusion, as I am strongly passionate in advocating for those in need. I am so excited to start my career fighting for justice.