Celia (she/they)

Bachelor of Arts (History)


Hi, my name is Celia. I am about to commence my final year of a Bachelor of Arts degree at The University of Sydney with a major in History. Throughout my course I have written extensively about America’s rich queer history, and I plan to pursue this field of inquiry as I continue with postgraduate studies. Eventually, I would love to travel to the United States to begin my PHD studies before finally returning to Australia to apply my historical skills domestically.

In 2021, I received the Maud Stiles Memorial Prize for my work in Senior History and I hope to continue to achieve outstanding academic results with the added support of John Goldbaum and The Pinnacle Foundation.

I am so thankful for receiving the support I need to complete my degree to the highest possible standard. Without this support I would not be able to undertake full-time study and graduate by the end of next year.