Ben (he/him)

Bachelor of Business Law and Economics and Juris Doctor


Hi, my name is Ben. I was fortunate to be awarded The Yarranabbe Foundation Scholarship in 2023 as I commenced my second year at the University of Western Australia. Over the next five years, I will complete my Business Law and Economics undergraduate degree with a postgraduate in Juris Doctor.  

Over time, I realised the impact of belonging to communities with disabilities, mental health experiences and cultural diversity on my sexual orientation. My struggles through adolescence fashioned my interests and the academic pathway I embarked on. 

I always stood out as a queer man who came out relatively young. Through my experience relating to and mentoring other queer youth, I was overwhelmed by the lack of support systems and guidance for our community. I started to get involved in community organisations, where I found my calling to use policy to develop the changes I believed in.  

The scholarship’s support will enable me to engage deeply with my studies to understand the undercurrents that motivate executive decision-making. Employing my lived experience and education, I aspire to uplift the voices and needs of those with disadvantages to ensure our communities get the support they deserve.