Arnav - Headshot

Arnav (he/they)

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) /Bachelor of Design in Architecture


Hello! My name is Arnav and I am a proud recipient of the Mirvac Scholarship. I am entering my third year studying a combined degree of a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) and a Bachelor of Design in Architecture at The University of Sydney.

I have lived in Greater Western Sydney my entire life, and have always enjoyed commuting and travelling within Sydney, as well as internationally. Drawing inspiration from my commute has been the catalyst for my motivation to contribute to the infrastructure and transportation within Sydney.

Within my career I hope to increase connectivity and sustainable practices for an urban future. I believe that through the coalescence of design and engineering practices within construction will allow for a more unified landscapes and spaces that we can enjoy.

I want to thank Mirvac and The Pinnacle Foundation for assisting me to achieve my dreams, and I am grateful that through this opportunity I will be able to be more connected to a diverse and inclusive community helping and guiding me as I complete my tertiary education.