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Amber (she/they)

Masters of Educational Practice


In 2024, I will be beginning the 2-year Master of Education at Flinders University, with a minor in Cognitive Psychology and Educational practice. I’m coming into this degree with a background in psychology, neuroscience, sociology, and linguistics, which I aim to meld into an interdisciplinary study of education. My hope is that my Masters research project will grow into a PhD, which will then be used to write an alternative curriculum for Australian R-12 schools. I was so proud of myself for finishing my two Bachelor’s degrees in spite of adversity, and now thanks to The Pinnacle Foundation scholarship, I can spend the next two years focusing on achieving to the best of my ability, without having to stress so much about money or spend all my time and energy working instead of studying.

Thank you, Pinnacle Foundation! And thank you, Jess Bastow, for your generous support of The Pinnacle Foundation!