Jess and Scott SA Chair

Jess Cronin (she/her) & Scott Cowen (he/him)

Jess Cronin (she/her)

South Australian Committee Co-Chair

Jess is currently a director of The Umbrella Collective, a consultancy business providing strategic expertise in workforce diversity, stakeholder engagement and business development. Jess has extensive leadership experience within the high education sector with a focus on partnership development, program management, student recruitment, scholarships, and philanthropy. Committed to social justice, Jess has been involved in LGBTQIA+ advocacy for many years, including South Australian state-based legal reforms, the national marriage equality movement, and representation of rainbow families.

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and with extensive experience within the higher education sector, Jess understands the transformative power that education scholarships provide to LGBTQIA+ young people. Having been introduced to The Pinnacle Foundation while living in the ACT, Jess was keen to actively support this vital organisation upon her return to South Australia. Jess joined The Pinnacle Foundation in early 2023 as a committee member in South Australia and stepped into the role of South Australian Committee co-chair in September 2023.

When not at work, Jess enjoys spending time with her partner Emma, their two young children, extended family, and friends.

Scott Cowen (he/him)

South Australian Committee Co-Chair

Scott is a senior leader in the trade union movement. He has a deep committed to social justice and is an experienced campaigner for LGBTQIA+ rights.

Having grown up gay at a high school whose graduates were underrepresented in higher education, Scott understands firsthand the transformative impact a scholarship like those offered by The Pinnacle Foundation can have on the lives of LGBTQIA+ young people.

Scott first joined The Pinnacle Foundation in 2018 as a committee member before stepping up to the role of South Australian Committee co-chair in September 2023. He brings with him considerable board experience as member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and looks forward to leveraging these opportunities to build the Pinnacle family in South Australia.