Terms of Reference


The Pinnacle Foundation has a vision for a more diverse and inclusive society with visible LGBTIQ+ role models. Growth in scholarships has seen a near doubling of the number of scholars supported during the past two years.

As part of its vision, the Foundation’s board has aspiration to grow the engagement of alumni scholars as volunteers across the Pinnacle family and provide development opportunities and exposure to the board.

Pinnacle’s diverse board recognises the tremendous opportunity to gain from the insights and lived experiences of alumni scholars, as well as to provide development opportunities to encourage LGBTIQ+ representation in a variety of leadership roles within the Australian context.


Two chosen applicants will participate in the inaugural Pinnacle Alumni Board Development Program, spanning November 2022 to July 2023, followed by a one/two-month evaluation process.

Across the program, applicants are required to attend the following online engagements:

·       Two two-hour board meetings (one on 29 November, other date flexible)

·       At least two one-hour board sub-committee Meetings (dates flexible)

·       Meetings with a board partner (quantity, nature, and dates flexible).

Please note, participants of this program will not undertake a role as a board director. The program purpose is to:

·       create development opportunities for members of the Pinnacle family to encourage LGBTIQ+ representation in a variety of leadership roles within the Australian context, and

·       ensure board decision-making continues to be cognisant of scholar experience and priorities by ensuring the scholar ‘voice’ is heard.

Participation in and completion of the board development program does not provide direct succession to the role of Pinnacle board member. It will equip participants with board governance understanding and skills.


Alumni program lead, Han Worsley will be the key participant contact. Alongside chief people officer Jill Skromanis, they will support the logistical and personal needs of scholar alumni participants.

Han and Jill will also support allocated partners and other relevant Pinnacle family members.


Successful applicants must:

·       Attend required engagements as described in the scope

·       Communicate with alumni program lead immediately if there are circumstances that may impact this. These circumstances will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

·       Engage in the evaluation processes following program completion.