State & Territory Committees

Australian Capital Territory Committee

ACT Committee

Australian Capital Territory Committee Chair Beth has worked in enterprise risk management, performance audit, corporate and academic governance for the past 15 years. She is…

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Brock Manson (he/him)
Daniel Rattigan (he/him)
Dylan Lloyd (he/him)
Han Worsley (they/them)

New South Wales Committee Chair

NSW Committee

New South Wales Committee Chair Liam has recently joined at NSW Committee Chair, having previously been a Pinnacle Mentor. Liam has had a broad career…

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Audrey Cremer (she/her)
Craig Murphy (he/him)
David Cao (he/him)
Jessie Goldie (she/her)
Jonathon Wenham (he/him)
Johnson Ly (he/him)
Kirk Marcolina (he/him)
Lorraine Hall (she/her)
Nicole Hennessy (she/her)
Phillip Bouffler (he/him)
Sophie Wilde (she/her)

Queensland Committee Chair

QLD Committee

Queensland Committee Chair Tom has several years’ experience in professional services, delivering risk, compliance, and learning solutions to a range of clients throughout Australia and…

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Alex Bradford (they/them)
Ben Stokes (he/him)
David Winters (he/him)
Kym Langill (she/her)
Lisa Baptista (she/her)
Mason Andrews (he/him)
Murray Altham (he/him)
Nia Franks (she/her)
Tamma Sorbello (she/her)

South Australian Committee Chair

SA Committee

South Australian Committee Chair Originating from the rural towns of Roxby Downs and Port Augusta, Courtney understands the importance and value of higher education, and…

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Anne Nixon (she/her)
Ashley Meakin (he/him)
Mark Fuller (he/him)
Nathan Cappelluti (he/him)
Scott Cowen (he/him)
Troy Roulstone (he/him)

Tasmanian Committee Chair

TAS Committee

Tasmanian Committee Chair Kevin has had a broad career spanning the advertising, marketing, medical and health industries. He has founded or co-founded several businesses, the…

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Ginna Webster (she/her)
Grahame Williams (he/him)
Heather Hicks (she/her)
Jacinta Clark (she/her)
Mat Rowell (he/him)
Sue Ham (she/her)

Victorian Committee Chair

VIC Committee

Victorian Committee Chair Nic has volunteered with The Pinnacle Foundation since 2019 as a member of the Victorian Committee where he has held the roles…

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Ben Nielsen (he/him)
Caiti Galwey (she/they)
David Vincent (he/him)
Gabin Soosaipilai (he/him)
Georgia Macqueen-Gamble (she/her)
Isobel Blomfield (she/they)
Jacob Squire (he/him)
Joshua Teng (he/him)
Laura Cripps (she/they)
Meredith Prior (she/her)
Tavonga Nzenza-Grant (he/him)

Western Australian Committee Chair

WA Committee

Western Australian Committee Chair Paul Ward is a technology expert with more than 25 years’ experience. He specialises in business intelligence, data engineering and training…

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Amy Furler (she/her)
Annie Ashworth (she/her)
Dain Kirwan (he/him)
Daniel Mitchell (he/him)
Louis Paterniti (he/him)
Rick Waddacor (he/him)
Vladimir Popov (he/him)