Philip Comans

Philip Comans (he/him)


Philip is the partner of Sean Linkson, and the youngest in a family of four children born in Canberra in 1959.

Philip was lucky enough to attend the Australian National University during the Whitlam Government years when tertiary education was free, gaining a Bachelor of Economics Degree.

“I experienced first hand how having a tertiary degree opened doors to me. I was lucky it was free and I see how hard it is for young people today to juggle part time work with study. Add gender expression, discrimination and coming out to the mix and it’s no wonder there are young people out there needing Pinnacle’s help.

“It’s deeply rewarding to see how Pinnacle has supported so many terrific young people to attain their educational goals. I can’t thank enough all our volunteers and mentors for the hours and passion they put into Pinnacle daily.

“I love the fact that what may have made a young person’s life difficult growing up, is actually what makes them eligible for a Pinnacle Scholarship!”