Paula 14102022

Paula Corvalan (she/her)

Program Manager

Paula Corvalan has over ten years’ experience working in communications, marketing and social services. Paula has worked in print and digital media, advertising strategy, events and copywriting with organisations such as News Limited and Fairfax. Most recently Paula worked as a Community Relations Specialist in accommodation and housing services, education and training across NSW, Queensland and the ACT. Paula holds a Master of Clinical Counselling as well as tertiary qualifications in Communications and Marketing.

“In my current role I want to combine my passion for education, communications and relationship building with a focus on wellbeing, mental health and personal development. I want to work with a team who share the common goal of creating a platform for education as a tool for personal and social change.” Paula holds a firm belief that education is the springboard to individual and community success.

Paula was born in Chile and came to Australia as a child, she is fluent in both Spanish and English. Her background has meant that Paula is a strong advocate for cultural awareness, diversity and inclusivity in all areas of life. Paula has a strong commitment to engaging in a person-centred and values-led approach in the workplace.