Ola January 2023

Ola Radka (she/her)

Partnerships & Events Manager

Ola has almost 20 years of experience across a wide variety of professional roles helping people discover their full potential, all the way from Poland to Australia! She has done this in many ways, in a variety of sectors, including primary and adult education, non-profit program management, health and wellness, and entrepreneurship.

Ola’s professional experience and passion includes bringing people and organisations together to support vulnerable and marginalised communities and fostering collaborative relationships in a very personable and fun way.

Ola is a trained psychotherapist, coach and trauma-informed yoga teacher, and founder of Start with Self, where she collaborates with individuals and groups to help them to overcome past traumas, conquer stubborn fears, and re-awaken their inner power.

Ola is proud to be contributing to The Pinnacle Foundation’s vision for a more diverse and inclusive society.

Ola lives in Sydney with her husband, Dev and their sausage dog, Kleks.