Jordan (they/them)

Bachelor of Advance Science (Astrophysics)


Hello, my name is Jordan. I have been accepted to study a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) at Curtin University, beginning in 2022 and therefore likely to finish in 2026. I plan to study physics and see where that takes me in life.

Besides loving physics, I have a passion for making jewellery and would like to continue this hobby over the next few years. I am not sure of a specific career path for my future, but I aspire to become some form of science educator, either in a formal or casual setting. I have enjoyed mentoring younger students in my high school LGBTIQ+ community group and so would like to continue some form of mentorship in my future.

I am incredibly grateful to Jess Bastow for funding the Olrem Scholarships, one of which I have received; I am excited to reduce my student debt and form connections with older members of the LGBTIQ+ community that I have not been able to prior.