Sam (he/him)

Bachelor of Law(Hons)/ Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology).


Hello, my name is Sam, and I am incredibly excited and absolutely honoured to be a Pinnacle scholar. I am about to endeavour upon my second of five years of study. I am currently completing a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) combined with a Bachelor of Social Science at the University of Newcastle.

Outside of my studies, I am a passionate theatre maker and performer. I work throughout the Newcastle theatre industry and community as a director, performer, tutor, and technical crew member. I have always held a strong passion for theatre as a creative inspiration, while my passion for justice has inspired my career in the field of law. I aspire to utilise my law and social science studies to impel a future career in human rights law, where I would have the opportunity to represent and fight for the rights of minorities, particularly the suppressed voices of the LGBTIQ+ community.

I have closely followed The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG’s career in my law studies and my gratitude towards him for his continuous support for the queer community could never be expressed enough. He is a true example of an inspiring and empowering queer ally, as well as a shining light of hope and equality for the future, inspiring many students like myself to following in his footsteps.