Rachel Hemer

Rachel Hemer

Bachelors of Science - Masters of Teaching


Hi my name is Rachel Hemer and I am a fifth-year student studying a double degree: Masters of Teaching/Bachelor of Science. I am currently studying at Flinders University on the main Bedford park campus.  

I was born and raised in Adelaide and came out as a Bi trans woman in 2018. My goal in life is to help others, which is part of the reason I have decided to become a teacher and is also part of the reason I choose to work closely with the queer groups on my campus.  

Over the last year I have been the Treasurer of the Flinders University Queer Collective with my goal for next year to be the President. Overall, my dream is to be a good role model for queer students in my classroom, as well as ensuring that all my students feel safe and to learn in my classroom.  

My initial career goal is to become a secondary science and math teacher, with my future goal to eventually get into leadership or school counselling. I would love to teach in both rural school and city school as this will give me a variety of experiences as a teacher. I very much love teaching, and I want all students to be able to come into my classroom and learn new skills, ideas, and knowledge. Overall teaching is a passion for me and knowing that I can turn this into a career path gives me lots of hope for the future.