Michael (he/him)

Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine


Hello, I am Michael. I am deeply grateful to The Pinnacle Foundation and The Sir James McNeill Trust for supporting me in my educational aspirations.

I am a Vietnamese Australian who has grown up in Melbourne and I am the only person in my family to attend university. Having recently completed my fourth year of medicine, I am studying a Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) based at Monash University and The University of Oxford, completing research in neuro-ethics. Alongside my medical degree I have also been studying a Diploma of Liberal Arts majoring in Philosophy. I hope to graduate from university in 2023 with plans to pursue psychiatry.

I have a passion for both philosophy and mental health. I hope to advance psychiatry towards a holistic and person-centred field that is equitable in light of the specific barriers faced by queer and other disadvantaged peoples.