Kieraley OConnor


Medical science


I am studying a Bachelor of Science in the stream of Medical Science. I commenced my studies in 2018 and am due to complete my studies at the end of 2021. I am studying with The University of Sydney. Prior to 2020 I attended the Camperdown campus; I am now studying online since the pandemic.  

I am currently a medical science student who will complete my final year of study in 2021. After which, I will be applying to study postgraduate medicine. Whilst medicine is my overarching goal, I aim to become a GP, focusing on trans health, Indigenous health, women’s health and providing better health care facilities for people with disabilities, whilst using my AUSLAN training I am currently undertaking to be able to provide the unique service to the deaf community by providing them with a GP without the need of an interpreter at their appointments – providing dignity and discretion to those who are often forced to go without. My life aspiration is to make a positive impact in the delivery of healthcare in Australia, moving towards a model that is more patient centric.