Kat Reed




2015 was the hardest year of my life. I was trying to manage various personal issues arising in my life due to my identity as well as navigating the stresses of university and working to completely support myself out of home. My identity has had a huge impact on my ability to dedicate myself fully to study. Unfortunately, this is a common experience in the queer community. Too many queer youth are homeless due to familial conflicts due to their identity and unfortunately this impacts their ability to manage their study commitments.
The Pinnacle Foundation is doing incredible work supporting young students and I feel honoured to have received a scholarship for 2016. The financial aid will help me to pay for study essentials as I continue studying Psychology and relieve the stress of financial hardship. Additionally, the mentorship program will be tremendous help for me in formulating my future and ensuring I get that Master’s degree. With the support from the Pinnacle Foundation, my year is going to be less stressful and I’ll be able to achieve my academic goals.