Isabelle (she/her)

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics


My name is Isabelle. I graduated from secondary school in 2021, and I will be studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics in 2023 at Monash University. This course will take three years to complete.

I am a transgender woman, and I came out and transitioned at 10 years old. In the time since then, I have been a prolific advocate for the rights of trans youth and the LGBTIQ+ community as a whole. I have interacted with and received assistance from many politicians/ political figures in my endeavours, as they would represent my pleas on the parliamentary level. This inspired me to someday become someone who can similarly represent other people’s pleas and effect positive change for those people.

I want to be someone who can be turned to by the community for legislative and political support and assistance. My current aspirations are to someday become one of the first transgender members of Parliament in Australia.  

I am incredibly grateful for being considered worthy of the generous Commonwealth Bank Scholarship. I cannot express in words how profoundly easier my university experience will be with the support of this scholarship. Thank you so much.