Caiti (she/they)

Juris Doctor


My name is Caiti, and I am a third-year Juris Doctor student at the University of Melbourne. I grew up between regional South Australia and the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales. I went to nine different schools throughout my primary and secondary education. I lived abroad in Hong Kong and worked as a graphic designer before studying a Bachelor of Film Production in Sydney.

I was nervous about pursuing post-graduate study in a different city, but my experience in Melbourne has been one of warmth and recognition. I have been able to give back to this community through my role as one of Melbourne Law Student Society’s Queer Directors. Liaising with the queer portfolio, other queer officers, and queer lawyers through the professional aspect of the role opened my eyes to how accepting and empowering the broader community can be. I have found friendship and camaraderie where I least expected it, and it has aided me in seeing a fully realised future for all aspects of myself.

Upon completing the Juris Doctor, I would love to work more in the academic realms of queer and feminist legal theory and intellectual property and copyright. I can also see myself becoming a teacher someday, as education and facilitation are passions of mine.

I am indescribably grateful to Jeremy Roth and the donors behind The Yarranabbe Foundation Scholarship for this miraculous opportunity. I would also like to thank The Pinnacle Foundation for its encouragement and support.