Avery (they/them/he/him)

Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)


My name is Avery, and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Mathematics at Macquarie University. 2022 will be my second year of study, and after my hopeful transfer to a double degree to add a Bachelor of Education (Secondary), I will be on track to finish in 2026.

I am an anti-poverty activist and LGBTIQ+ advocate, using my experiences as a non-binary person who has experienced homelessness and poverty, as well as discrimination due to my gender identity, to call for meaningful social change within the communities that I am in. I am hoping to use my degrees to become a maths teacher, wanting to share my love of maths with young people and become a positive role model for those who may not have a LGBTIQ+ adult in their lives, either at home or within a school environment.

I would love to thank Vitaly Osipov for funding this scholarship, which will allow me to put my best foot forward and do my best in my degrees.