Alistair Ott


Media Production, Visual Communication, and Creative Writing - University of Canberra


I am currently in my honours year for a double bachelor degree in Media Production, Visual Communication, and Creative Writing at the University of Canberra. My proposed honours thesis research discusses alternative kinship and the worlds/communities created through queer connection in young adult fiction. 

I also work in a Transgender, Gender Diverse, and Intersex community organisation. As such working within community, supporting and advocating for my LGBTIQ+ found family, and studying Queer Theory is very important to me. I really believe that through education and understanding we can drive hate and intolerance out of our contemporary society. In future, I would like to work in a teaching role in cultural theory and minority/alternative culture in the university sphere; as I feel very strongly about how education can heighten understanding and diminish social inequality. I wish to continue into a research and teaching role through my postgrad study in the future.