Caitlyn was a Pinnacle Scholar between 2014-2017, while studying a Bachelor of Law/Arts at the University of Adelaide. She has recently relocated to Melbourne and is now Associate to the Honourable Justice Zammit at the Supreme Court of Victoria.

“During high school I struggled to reconcile who I was with the career I wanted to pursue. Openly LGBT+ lawyers seemed few and far between, and I worried there wouldn’t be a place for me in the legal profession — let alone in the broader community — regardless of how hard I worked or how highly I achieved.

“What’s more, I felt like I had no one to talk to about my concerns, which meant they stayed trapped inside my head for the entirety of high school, causing me constant unease and worry.”
“Being a Pinnacle scholar has changed the trajectory of my career. As well as receiving vital financial support, I was paired with an incredible mentor from the legal profession.”

Caitlyn was thrilled to learn that Judge Charlotte Kelly of the Federal Circuit Court would be her Pinnacle mentor. They developed a respectful and supportive scholar-mentor relationship, which they both enjoyed over the years and continue even though Caitlyn has completed her scholarship.

“No matter what industry or profession you want to work in, having a positive role model and mentor is invaluable. I have a friend for life in my Pinnacle mentor. Judge Kelly and the broader Pinnacle community helped me to realise that I could thrive in my chosen career, never needing to hide who I am to do so.”

“What’s more, I became part of the Pinnacle family — a network of LGBT+ students and professionals from all over Australia, who are dedicated to fostering the next generation of LGBT+ leaders in our community.”