Many young Pinnacle scholars have no family support – no parental re-assurance and guidance through these scary times, no family to fall back upon. Pinnacle scholars are as resilient as they can be. They understand an education offers a pathway to a sustainable future and the capacity to contribute back to our society.

As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads and the economy dramatically declines, scholars are struggling to pay their rent and for food, utilities and study expenses. This will worsen over the coming weeks and months. More than ever, they need our help now.

The Pinnacle Foundation thanks and recognises those who have generously donated in this time of great need.

Scholar Appeal Donors

Alanna Duffy
Alex Rogers
Andrew Housden
Andrew Staite
Anonymous Donor
Anthony Donohoe
Anton Clowes
Ash Mellows
Ashlea Bartram
Benjamin Montague
Bernard Ryan
Bill Chambers
Blake West
Brigitte Liew
Catherine Nemanic
Chad Abeywickrama
Chad Miller
Charles Manning
Christian Callisen
Clare Hayes-Bradley
Conrad Henley-Calvert
Consulate General of Canada
Craig Hung
Craig Rossiter
David Ball
David Hansen
David & Jill McNeill
Dennis Altman
Elizabeth Fullerton
Eloise Green
Emma Low

Filipa Pires
Fran Orr
Fredrik Nilsson
Geoffrey Whytcross
Georgia McClanachan
Dr Glen Lo and Daniel Scarparolo
Glynn Elias
Gorm Kirsch
Graham Grundy
Greg Livingstone
Gregory Frank
Gregory Storer
Holly Tan
Howard Edelman
Ian Lording
James Douglas
Jamie Gardiner
Jay Greensill
Jayne Semmler
Jody Ballard
John He
John Lim
John McPhee
Jonathan Banks
Joseph Rea
Joseph Sirianni
Jason Hunter
Justin Bender
Justin Koonin
Kade Leereveld
Katja Jario

Kylla Patterson
Lauren Francis
Laurie Cato-Smith
Lee Clark
Liam Carden
Linda Herd
Lisa Walton
Lorraine Hall
Louise Daley & the Daley family
Mandy Lim
Maria and Alice Andrzejewski
Mark Kavenagh
Mark Sawyer
Marty Jovic
Matthew Ball
Matthew Cooksey
Michelle Pallas
Michelle Scott
Mike Bellemore
Natalie Watts
Nathan Pereira
Neil Gill & Lee Christofis
Paul Baines
Paul Clark
Paul Henderson
Paul Rathbone
Penny Oxford
Penny Wilson
Peter Baldwin
Peter McGee
Peter Waters

Phillip Evangelou
Philip Kwok
Philip O’Donnell
Prudence Holmes
Rebekah Gay
Riki Sutherland
Rob Grant
Robert Green
Robert Walker
Rosemary Lwin
Ryan McAndrew
Salma Salah
Sam Harvey
Sandra Pfluger
Sarah Percy-Dove
Sarah Trumble
Scott Gillespie
Sean Linkson OAM
Shweta Shah
Stephen Hart
Stuart Wild
The Honourable Justice Thomas Bradley
The Sir James McNeill Trust
Thomas Craddock
Timothy Barnes
Tomas Belica
Tony Lindsay
Tony Nelson
Warner Whiteford
Warwick Tonkin
Wen-Jui Wu
Zac Hodge